Best playlists on Spotify right now.

Hey, welcome to another blog. So I listen to Spotify the most, like from day to night my headphones are always plugged in.

There are almost 217 million users on Spotify and more than 750,000 tracks are being streamed on around the world every minute on Spotify alone.

So, I thought why not help you guys finding out the right playlist you can listen every time. I even wasted several hours finding the right playlist that suits my taste of music.

Therefore, in this article, I have listed some of the best playlists on Spotify. According to their Genre.

1. Playlists for Hip-Hop / Rap (genre)

1. Travis Scott Radio

2. Hip Hop Mixtape

3. Rap Caviar

4. Get Turnt

5. Fellin’ Myself

6. Logic Radio


2. Best Playlist for Pop (Spotify)

1. Post Malone

2. Todays Top Hits

3. Let me Radio (Spotify)

4. Daily Lift

5. All out 10s

6. Happy Hits

7. Chill Tracks


3. Best Playlist for Workout (Spotify)

1. Beast Mode

2. Pumped Pop

3. Locked In

4. Power Workout

5. Workout

6. Motivation Mix


4. Best Playlist for Study / Focus (Spotify)

1. Deep Focus

2. Peaceful Piano

3. Lo-Fi Beats

4. Instrumental Study

5. Chill LoFi Study Beats

5. Best Playlist for Rock Music

1. Rock Classic

2. Power Ballads

3. Rock This

4. Soft Rock

5. Yacht Rock

6. Best Playlist for EDM / Dance /Electronic

1. Mint

2. Dance Rising

3. Brain Food

4. Dance Hits

5. Trap Mojito

So, If you have any other suggestions regarding any playlist or want me to list your playlist too, then let me know in the comments.

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